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My name is Steve, I'm an engineer, an artist, and an entrepreneur. My work experience has spanned both the engineering and architecture sectors, and I've always had a deep appreciation for the beauty of schematic diagrams and blueprints. I'm also a big fan of the vintage industrial look, so repurposing vintage patent prints as art was an ideal match. In 2011 I launched a small Etsy shop to bring this unique art form to the public, and this little venture has since grown into a full fledged business with distribution in many fine US and Canadian retailers, as well as works licensed for use on TV.


Each of the designs for our patent prints is an authentic historical American design, carefully hand selected, and edited manually in Adobe Photoshop to restore its original simple beauty. In an effort to produce the absolute best visual quality for each of our patent prints, richly detailed backgrounds were created by layering and combining different textures and colors. Each of our signature styles is based on accurate color and appearance, crafted to look completely authentic. That is, our blueprint style actually looks like a blueprint. Highly detailed scans were used to re-create realistic patterns of wear and use, resulting in a tromp l'oeil texture effect that looks so real you'll feel like touching it just to be sure. 

Print Quality

The best design in the world means relatively little if it can't be accurately reproduced. We tested many different printing options before settling on our current printer. Each of our patent prints is hand printed on an Epson Stylus Pro 7900 ink jet printer on 10.3 mil heavy weight Epson Enhanced matte paper, resulting in a crystal clear rendition on a velvety finish that is as pleasing to touch as it is to look at.

A Promise

I make this art because I love it, but I also love hearing from happy customers. It brings me a lot of joy to hear that my art was given to someone special as a gift, or used to decorate a special occasion like a wedding. Or, that it was the first art purchased for someones new home. Whatever your reason for buying patent print art is, I want you to be very happy with your purchase. Rather than using heavily watermarked images on the site, I want you to be able to see exactly what the prints look like, so you're confident in what you're buying. Your order will be printed just for you within 2 business days, and shipped ASAP. If there is anything wrong with the order, I'll make it right. Damaged in transit? Mail carrier dropped it in a puddle? We sent the wrong print? Don't worry, I've got you covered. If there's a problem, just let me know as soon as possible and include a quick photo so I can see what the issue is and get your replacement print sent out right away. No claims forms, no hassles, just art you will love. I promise.